Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects - NP328 Navy Blue

Hey dolls

Today I am going to be reviewing Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects polish / varnish in colour NP328 (navy blue).  It is available in Boots stores in the UK for £4.99.

Barry M Magnetic nail effects navy blue polish varnish
Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects navy blue NP328

There are different pattern magnets for each shade / colour that this range of Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects nail polish comes in (definitely encourages you to buy all the shades so that you can mix and match the magnets!)  See photo below:

barry m magnetic nail effects polish varnish range
Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects colour range

You start by applying a base coat of the nail varnish without using the magnet.  Let this completely dry before applying the next coat.

Base coat - do not use the magnet

Apply the second coat of the polish and then take the magnet and hover it over your wet nail for 5 seconds. There is a raised ridge on the magnet for you to rest on the skin of your finger to help you avoid touching the magnetic onto your wet nail varnish.

barry m magnetic nail effects magnet

Voila, it really is as simple as that! :0)

Repeat this process until you have finished both hands.  It is then optional whether you decide to apply a clear nail varnish top coat (I personally don't normally bother to).

I hope that you have found this blog useful.  I would definitely recommend this product to people, I think they are fabulous and so effective.

Please feel free to share any links to your blogs regarding this product below, I would love to read them.

Take care guys and blog soon!

Robin Sparkles

barry m magnetic nail effects np328

barry m magnetic nail effects np328


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