Saturday, 9 June 2012

Crystal Converse : How to Crystalise Toe Converse All Stars

Crystalise crystal rhinestone toe converse

Hey guys

This blog is to tell you about how I made my own crystalised toe cap converse. You just need the following:
  • A pair of converse
  • Crystal rhinestones in your desired colour and size (I used 2mm gold crystals but I believe 3mm are more popular - I just wanted extra twinkle!)
  • Gem-tac adhesive glue
  • Jewel setter / cuticle stick
I would say at this point it is also down to personal preference as two which method you want to use when sticking the crystals onto your Converse.  I chose to start with the straight edge across the width of the shoe, whereas some people prefer lining the C shaped edge of the top cap and working in C's over and over. 

If you choose to do the straight edge like I did the most important thing is the first line you do.  This will form the foundation of every other line you do and how straight the finished outcome will be.

Do the first row and leave that to completely dry before crystalising any further rows.  You will find that you use that first row as a guide and that you push all future lines up against the lsat to keep it straight.

Please feel free to comment below with any links to photographs of your attempts at making crystal toe cap Converse as I would love to see them.

I hope this blog post has been helpful in providing some tips and techniques to crystalising your own Converse. Give it a go, it is really fun! I shall leave you with some other photos of my crystal Converse.

Crystal rhinestone gem toe cap converse crystaliseCrystal rhinestone gem toe cap converse crystalisation
Take care guys

Robin Sparkles

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