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Crystal Rhinestone Converse toe tops : How to crystalise your converse trainers

Hola lovely people

Tonight I have spent the evening crystalising the toe tops of my new Converse trainers using a different application method to the one I previously blogged about.  Here is the finished product:

Crystal rhinestone toe top Converse trainers
Crystal toe top Converse trainers
Everyone should have a go at making their own crystallised Converse trainers, it really is quite simple and soooo effective.

What you will need:
  •  Converse trainers (or similar)
  • Gem-Tac adhesive glue
  • Approximately x400 3mm crystal rhinestones (any colour of your choice)
  • Jewel setter / wooden cuticle stick
  • Plate to lay the crystals out on
You may notice that in the last blog on crystallising converse trainers I used 2mm crystal rhinestones, this is because I wanted to create a different more sparkly look.  They are just different styles and down to personal preference, you can use whatever size crystal you like, I am just telling you what I used if you want to achieve the same look as my photos.

Start by getting some glue on your jewel setter / cuticle stick:

crystal rhinestone converse trainers
Stage 1 - Crystallise converse toe tops

Run the glue end of the jewel setter along the edge of your toe top to make a thin line of glue:

crystal rhinestone converse trainers bling
Stage 2 - Crystallise converse toe tops

Pick up the crystals by touching the top of a crystal rhinestone with the tacky end of your jewel setter (glue end), place the crystal rhinestone onto the line of glue and position correctly by nudging it about until you are happy with its location.
crystal rhinestone converse trainers
Stage 3 - Crystal rhinestone converse trainers

Continue this process all the way around the front edge of the toe top of your converse trainers.  Once the first line is done, leave this to completely dry before beginning to glue any future rows.  The first row is the most important as it forms the barrier that you will push all future rows of crystal rhinestones up against therefore it needs to be completely dry so make sure future rows stay straight.

crystal rhinestone converse trainers
Stage 4 - Crystal rhinestone converse trainers

Complete the second row of crystal rhinestones on your converse toe tops following exactly the same process a little bit at a time.  Be careful not to put too much glue down if you are still a beginner as it can start to dry pretty quickly so you do not want to get caught out! :0)

crystal rhinestone converse trainers
Stage 5 - Crystal rhinestone converse trainers

Continue this process again and again until you reach the centre of the toe top of your converse trainers.  Your completed converse trainers should look something like this ! (sorry the glue hadn't finished drying when I took the pic!) :

crystal rhinestone converse trainers
Stage 6 - Crystal rhinestone converse trainers

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and found it useful if you were thinking about crystallising your own converse trainer toe tops. Please feel free to comment below with any questions or links to your blog if you decide to attempt this project yourself.

Take care for now fellow bloggers.

Robin Sparkles

Ps. Stay organised by laying everything out neatly before you begin :0)

crystal rhinestone converse trainers how to


  1. Looking good, how long did they take?

    I think white ribbon laces would look lovely on these x

    1. They took an evening, I would say about 2 hours but maybe 3 as you have to keep letting each row dry before starting the next.

      That is a great idea, I might try that. x

  2. Where did you buy your crystals from? x

    1. I got mine on eBay, there are hundreds of sellers on there. Just search for crystal rhinestones and they come in all shapes and sizes! I used 3mm for my converse. x

  3. Fabulous! Love the combination of the sparkle rhinestones to the purple color of the shoes. What you've done is really impressive.

    Rhaine Bryt

    1. Thank you very much, I am pleased you enjoyed it :0)

  4. Thanks for sharing how to crystalise my own favorite shoes. I'll use Cheap rhinestones simple but beautiful and most of all affordable.

    1. It is beautiful yet afforable definitely. My love of converse is huge so love to glam them up! :0)

  5. I enjoy your work it looks neat. I like those shoes very nice. The rhinestones give shiny look. Good job.


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