Thursday, 28 June 2012

Laser Nail Art

Evening peeps!

Tonight i wanted to write a blog review about a nail painting technique that I have seen demonstrated by both Cute A.S Nails and Try to be Beautiful blogspots. It is called "Laser nail art".
I absolutely loved both posts I read on them and also the results that were produced so there was only one thing for it, I had to give it a go myself!

I started by painting by nails with 2 coats of Barry M silver foil efects nail varnish / polish. You must make sure you allow this to completely dry before moving into the next step.

Barry M silver foil effects nail varnish polish
Barry M silver foil effects nail varnish

Next, cut thin strips of cellotape and stick across your nail as if laser beams. Then use one or two other colours and fill in the gaps that are left around the cellotape? I used Rimmel London I love fruities lasting finish nail varnish in '025 Strawberry fizz' and Rimmel London lycra pro in '393 Desire'.

laser nail art
Nails with cellotape

 Allow this to completely dry before removing the cellotape from your nails. You should be left with a funky pattern like this!

Laser nail art
Laser nail art

I would love to read your comments or see links to your blogs if you have tried something similar. Hope this has been helpful :-)

Take care guys and thanks for reading.

Robin Sparkles

Laser nail art


  1. Well done! Im impressed and so glad you like our blog!
    We would love to see any other copies you do!!
    Keep painting!
    Sophie xxx

    1. I love all your blog posts and shall definitely keep watch for more, some are a bit too complex for me though :-) x

  2. Great job, love your colour choice x

    1. Thank you, they were quite easy to do and very effective. X


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