Monday, 18 June 2012

Yarn Bombing - Love it or loath it? Yarn Bomb Review

Hey guys

Today I want to talk about a craze that I have discovered called " Yarn Bombing " or to Yarn Bomb.  It is becoming ever more popular (especially over in the States) and people are getting more and more creative with what items / objects they are choosing to yarn bomb.

I am a bit of a crochet geek myself so as soon as I started discovering more and more images of yarn bombs all over the world I instantly wanted to have a go myself! :0)

I think the key is to start small! I was not going to kid myself into believing I could cover an entire Smart car or telephone box in my first yarn bomb hit!  I have decided to go for a tree trunk / branch for my first yarn bomb experience and am going to pick a tree in my local park.  I have been making a crochet patchwork type piece with as many bright colours as I can and will try to make it fairly long so that it covers a good portion of a tree trunk / branch.

yarm bomb lamp post pole
Yarn bomb lamp post pole

The inspiration for my yarn bomb comes from this picture (although mine will not be as intricate as this! :o) ) :

yarn bombing tree trunk branch yarn bomb
Tree Yarn Bomb
Don't you think it looks crazy but just absolutely brilliant?! I certainly do, especially in winter when trees would otherwise be empty twigs.

There is a lot of discussions as to whether or not you should leave 'tags' / calling cards so that people can trace who left the yarn bomb or not and I guess it is just down to personal preference.  Some people may be so proud of their yarn bomb that they would love to hear from people that have admired their work and to discuss this craze that they love, whereas others may wish to keep their yarn bombing to themselves in the dark of the night and just enjoy their work anonymously.
If you were interested in creating a yarn bomb of your own, I came across this picture that might be a nice easy project to start with:

yarn bomb dock ring yarn bombing
How to Yarn Bomb
The picture above is a nice and easy guide for how to do a simply yarn bomb.  Again, I think this looks fantastic and it would certainly catch my eye if I was walking along that river.

I am going to leave you now with some favourite pictures I have discovered in my searches and hope that you enjoy them.  If you have done a yarn bomb of your own and have blog posts about it, please feel free to comment below with the links to your posts, I would love to see your work.
Thank you for reading and take care all.
Robin Sparkles

yarn bombing smart car yarn bomb
Yarn bombed Smart car

yarn bombing smart car yarn bombed
Yarn bombed Smart car

yarn bombing wall street bull bomb
Yarn bombed Wall Street Bull

yarn bomb london telephone box yarn bombing
Yarn bombed London telephone box


  1. Hi Robyn! Love the post!
    Some yarn bombers do things as small as cracks in a wall filled in with knit or crochet. I think it's wonderful--though I've never tried it myself. :)

    Some people prefer to be called artists, but I think Yarn Bomber is really a fun term. ;)

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by and having a read.

      I think it can look so effective and turn something that would normally just blend in, into a bright and colourful object to cheer people up!

      I am in the process of preparing my first yarn bomb, hoping to plant it over the weekend so be sure to stop by and check out what I create :0)


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