Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bundle Monster Nail Art Stamping Plates 2011 & 2012

Hey guys

This is more of a shout out really just to tell the blogging world that I have ordered my Bundle Monster Nail Art Stamping Plates today!!

I am excited beyond belief and hope that the shipping doesn't take too long to the UK.  Has anyone ordered them to the UK that could comment below and tell me how long they took?

I have ordered the Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plates 2012 and also the Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plates 2011 as there were too many designs on each that I am just dying to try!

I did a lot of research into the different brands of nail stamping plates out there to purchase and althogh a lot of people do favour the Konad nail stamping plates, the general consensus was that the Bundle Monster nail stamping plates do just as good a job but for a fraction of the price.

I have attached pictures below of the designs you get on each plate.

The 2012 Bundle Monster nail stamping plate designs are:

bundle monster nail art stamping plates 2012

Then the 2011 Bundle Monster stamping plate designs are:

bundle monster nail art stamping plates 2011

I cannot wait to get my Bundle Monster Stamping Plates and start blogging all the different nail designs I can come up with.  All in all this nail art progress today has made me very very happy! :0)

Please note that I am now on twitter so please pop along and follower me @RobinSparkles1_ it would be great to connect with fellow nail enthusiasts not only on Blogger but also on Twitter.

Blog soon people!!

Robin Sparkles


  1. I love the 2012 BM plates the most, I really want to get them but I can't stamp at all :( I've only tried regular polish though and Barry M foils so think on payday I will need to grab a couple special polishes for def and hope they help me out lol :p

    1. If im honest i dont have any konad special nail stamping polishes either. I use the barry m foils as do a lot of bloggers and they should work well if they are fairly new. Think i need a special black and white though.
      What problems are you having with stamping? I can try to help :-)


Thank you for your comment, I look forward to reading it :0)


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