Monday, 9 July 2012

Stud pocket denim jeans shorts - DIY

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Sorry it has taken me longer than i expected to write this, only just finished them this morning so here is my blog for how to make your own pair of stud pocket denim jeans shorts just like these!

stud pocket denim jeans shorts

You can order pyramid studs on eBay in various different colours and sizes, I chose to use silver studs that are size 8mm but they were also available in gold, brass and gun metal.

To start, I began by cutting a slit down one edge of the pocket with a pair of scissors.

stud pocket denim jeans shorts

You then need to line up your first stud in the top corner as you can see in the photo below. Be careful to make this as straight as possible as it will form the basis for the rest of the studs.

stud denim jeans shorts DIY

Poke the four spikes through the material of the denim jeans and then use some scissors or tweezers (or anything similar) to bend down the ends into the centre of the stud.  BE CAREFUL:: if you do not bend them down enough they will poke you in the bum! :0)

stud denim jeans shorts DIY

Continue along until you have the whole first row complete.  Then go onto the next line below starting at the end you placed your first stud before. You just need to continue this process all the way down to the bottom of the pocket. 

stud pocket denim jeans shorts

stud pocket denim jeans shorts

Depending on the shape of your pocket you may need to jut in a bit and start skipping the first stud as can be seen in the photo at the top of this post.

So go on, give it a try!  If you have any questions please feel free to comment below this post and I will do my best to help.  Also, if you do decide to have a go I would love if you posted the links to your blog posts below so that I can see how you did.

Until next time peeps!

Robin Sparkles

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  1. Denim is indeed an all-purpose fabric that will remain in style for many years to come and in my closet as well.


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