Sunday, 19 August 2012

Red & Gold Hounds Tooth Nail Stamping

Hi guys

Sorry its been a little while, been busy the last few days with a new addition to the family!

Here is a little mani I did recently using Bundle Monster 2012 nail stamping plate set, plate number BM322. I used Barry M 262 Bright Red and Barry M Gold Foil Effects. I am not blown away by the red, I would probably have preferred something a bit deeper and darker but still, here is the mani I ended up with!

I would love to read your comments below, have you used this plate?

Robin Sparkles

hounds tooth nail stamping bundle monster art
Hounds tooth nail stamping


  1. Almost cousins, used the same plate, you did a good job stamping :)

    1. Just checked yours out, it looks great? What white did you use to stamp with?


Thank you for your comment, I look forward to reading it :0)


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