Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pink & Purple Spotty Dotty's

Hey girlies

Here is a manicure that I did purely for fun, no challenge, no reason, just saw this plate and thought I would have a go!

I used my 2012 set of Bundle Monster nail stamping plates, the plate number was BM-322.

Anyway, here is what I created :0)

pink purple polka dot nail stamping bundle monster

Unfortunately, I look back on it and wish that I had left the dots off of the stamped fingers, I am not really feeling that it works but hey ho, I am still fairly new to this stamping malarkey and learning all the time.

pink purple polka dot nail stamping bundle monster

Robin Sparkles


  1. I think the blue dots look great - very arty!x

    1. Phew, I was worried they were a bit over kill! x


Thank you for your comment, I look forward to reading it :0)


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