Monday, 21 January 2013

Velcro Sleep Rollers - Massive Fringe Brush

Hey guys

Today I wanted to tell you about a gift I got for Christmas from my sister, it was the "Massive Fringe Brush" sold by and my goodness I can confirm the name is accurate, it is HUGE!  I originally saw this brush demonstrated on Hollie Wakehams Youtube channel the link for which is here.

velcro sleep rollers massive fringe brush

You use the brush to either blow dry the front section of your hair i.e. fringe or add some volume at the crown of your head.  The inside layer is metal so retains the heat for ages, you just blow the hair for a couple minutes (wet or dry) with a hair dryer then leave the brush in for 10 minutes or so to allow your hair to cool and set in that shape.  Tip - whilst blowing the hair with a hair dryer, try to keep turing the hair in the brush to make sure all the hair is reached.

Then voila! You will have the perfect "scouse fringe" swoopey side parting.  It really is that simply and definiately does work!

velcro sleep rollers massive fringe brush

All in all I would say that this product is absolutely brilliant and 100% the biggest fringe brush I have ever seen in my life.  Do not delay - get one, you will not regret it! :0)

Robin Sparkles

Friday, 18 January 2013

Gel Nails - first attempt on myself

Hey guys

So the other night I decided to try out doing gel nails on myself, I am quite cack handed and this was no easy task!  It took me about 2 hours but that was me rushing in the end and I didnt sculpt the ends which is what I should have done really.

I used Defianze Gels which are absolutely brilliant.

gel nails builder sculpture tips extensions uv lamp

They have got a huge range of colours and also everything you need for the classic french manicure including different thicknesses for different tasks such as natural nail overlays, sculpting, tip extensions etc. I am absolutely hooked on gel nails right now and must admit I am planning on filing them all off this weekend and having another attempt at it, this time using the sculpture method.

I know it isn't for everyone but I absolutely love the thickness of gel nails.  I love that I can paint over them if I get bored and in a few days if I remove the polish my manicure will still be the same underneath.  My nails feel very strong and never break when I have gel on them and as I am doing a lot of DIY at the moment this is very important for me.

Without further delay here is a piccy of my first attempt at gel nails (sorry it is a bit blurry!)

gel nails builder sculpture tips extensions uv lamp

Let me tell you, I find it sooooooo much harder doing my own hands rather than other peoples..although I am sure that is true for any nail technician even those that have been in the business professionally for many years.

I shall let you know how my next attempt goes and keep you updated!  If you do gel nails I would love to speak to you so please comment below.

Robin Sparkles

DIY Feather Skirt Dress

Hey guys

I haven't posted in such a long time and I can only apologise for this.  I have been caught up in Christmas / New Year excitement and am also very lucky to be getting married in just a few months so all the planning of that has also kept me on my toes.

One of the tasks that I have been undertaking is making myself a Hen Party outfit!  I decided that I absolutely love dresses with the feather skirt bottom and really wanted a white one so I felt like a bride!  After a bit of research I found that I wasn't going to get one for less than approximately £150.00 so at that point I decided why not make one myself!

The route I have actually taken is to use a short white bandage bodycon skirt to feather and then I am going to use a long lace vest with boob tube underneath to tuck into the skirt so that it looks like a dress.  My inspiration is this:-

mcberry feather skirt dress lace diy

These have been worn by the likes of Emma Watson and both Lucy Mecklenburgh and Billi Mucklow from the TV series The Only Way is Essex aka TOWIE.

I have used 4 feather boas and starting at the bottom of the left hand side zig-zagged or laid out the boas in an S shape to cover the skirt.  So far I have been sewing these in place just at the top and the bottom of the skirt.  I shall then go along the boa and sew throughout the skirt to keep in place so that the skirt does not become exposed underneath.

NB:  Try not to sew too much of the skirt to the boa as you may drastically change the size of the skirt and make it not fit! I bought a skirt which was one size to big and stretchy to hopefully combat this potential issue.  Make sure you allow for give in the skirt and that it will still stretch to put it on.

This is what I have so far:-

feather skirt dress lace diy white boa

I will provide you with an update once this task is complete and I hope you like the finished product! :0)

Have any of you made your own DIY feather skirts or dresses?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below or maybe give me a link to your blog posts about it.

Thanks for reading.

Robin Sparkles


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