Friday, 18 January 2013

Gel Nails - first attempt on myself

Hey guys

So the other night I decided to try out doing gel nails on myself, I am quite cack handed and this was no easy task!  It took me about 2 hours but that was me rushing in the end and I didnt sculpt the ends which is what I should have done really.

I used Defianze Gels which are absolutely brilliant.

gel nails builder sculpture tips extensions uv lamp

They have got a huge range of colours and also everything you need for the classic french manicure including different thicknesses for different tasks such as natural nail overlays, sculpting, tip extensions etc. I am absolutely hooked on gel nails right now and must admit I am planning on filing them all off this weekend and having another attempt at it, this time using the sculpture method.

I know it isn't for everyone but I absolutely love the thickness of gel nails.  I love that I can paint over them if I get bored and in a few days if I remove the polish my manicure will still be the same underneath.  My nails feel very strong and never break when I have gel on them and as I am doing a lot of DIY at the moment this is very important for me.

Without further delay here is a piccy of my first attempt at gel nails (sorry it is a bit blurry!)

gel nails builder sculpture tips extensions uv lamp

Let me tell you, I find it sooooooo much harder doing my own hands rather than other peoples..although I am sure that is true for any nail technician even those that have been in the business professionally for many years.

I shall let you know how my next attempt goes and keep you updated!  If you do gel nails I would love to speak to you so please comment below.

Robin Sparkles

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  1. I think your nails look great! I heard about the gel nail polish just recently from a co-worker. I think it's really nice that they last longer than ordinary nail polish and it's even nicer that the Gel Nails.


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