Monday, 21 January 2013

Velcro Sleep Rollers - Massive Fringe Brush

Hey guys

Today I wanted to tell you about a gift I got for Christmas from my sister, it was the "Massive Fringe Brush" sold by and my goodness I can confirm the name is accurate, it is HUGE!  I originally saw this brush demonstrated on Hollie Wakehams Youtube channel the link for which is here.

velcro sleep rollers massive fringe brush

You use the brush to either blow dry the front section of your hair i.e. fringe or add some volume at the crown of your head.  The inside layer is metal so retains the heat for ages, you just blow the hair for a couple minutes (wet or dry) with a hair dryer then leave the brush in for 10 minutes or so to allow your hair to cool and set in that shape.  Tip - whilst blowing the hair with a hair dryer, try to keep turing the hair in the brush to make sure all the hair is reached.

Then voila! You will have the perfect "scouse fringe" swoopey side parting.  It really is that simply and definiately does work!

velcro sleep rollers massive fringe brush

All in all I would say that this product is absolutely brilliant and 100% the biggest fringe brush I have ever seen in my life.  Do not delay - get one, you will not regret it! :0)

Robin Sparkles


  1. LOVE Sleep-In Rollers

  2. Their products are brilliant aren't they?! I am a huge fan of their XL donut bun ring too

  3. I love this layout so much! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! This isn't spam - it's actually an award bloggers are nominating other bloggers for! Please take a minute to read about it on my post here (I was nominated as well) :) Congrats!


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