Saturday, 27 July 2013

DIY: Crop top using leggings or tights (no sew)

Hi blogettes

This is a really quick post to tell you about something I tried out yesterday.  I had watched a couple of YouTube videos explaining how to do it and thought I would give it a whirl as it looked really simple.

YouTube video 1 click here
YouTube video 2 click here

All you will need is a pair of leggings / tights and a pair of scissors!

diy how to make crop top from leggings or tights

Start my laying out your leggings/tights on a flat area and cut a length off the legs depending on how long you want the sleeves to be.  The leggings I used were fairly short in length anyway and gave the perfect 3/4 length sleeve so I left them as they were.

Then take your scissors and make a tiny snip in the middle of the crotch area.  Cut out a V neck or scoop neck shape depending on what neckline you would like your crop top to have, I went for something in between the two.

If you want it to have the same neckline on the baack then obviously cut the desired shape through both sides of the crotch area.  NOTE: Be careful not to cut too much at a time, you will be surprised how big the hole will get when you stretch it on to wear, you dont want your bra to be hanging out!...well maybe you do!

Voila! A recycled crop top from unwanted leggings or tights.  The fab thing is there are so many funky patterned leggings out there at the moment you can really go to town with crop tops too!

diy how to make crop top from leggings or tights

Let me know if you try this out and make your own crop top, I would love to know how yours comes out :0)

Robin Sparkles


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