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DIY: How to make hair or head chains (as seen on Kim Kardashian)

head hair chains diy how to make silver chain kim kardashian

Hey girlies

This is a different type of post to my last few nail blogs.  This is to show you these funky head / hair chains I made myself that were inspired by the ones Kim Kardashian and Chloe Sims (TOWIE) have been seen wearing recently.

I found out how to do this from the brilliant blog Making It With Danielle and her diy how to post can be found here.

I made mine slightly shorter than the ones Kim Kardashian wears as I wanted them to fit round a bun as well as a ponytail.

head hair chains diy how to make silver chain kim kardashian
To make a head / hair chain like this you will need the following:
- Chains of various different styles (can be gold or silver) - I got mine off eBay.
- Assorted sizes of jump rings - again, I got mine from eBay.
- 9 hole silver / gold hair combs although I cut mine down with pliers to only 4 holes.
silver chains hair head jewellery diy how to make

silver jump rings hair head jewellery diy how to make
You can use as many chains as you like, I went for 4.  When cutting your combs, be sure to leave enough whole holes for the amount of chains you plan on using.
Cut your chains to differing lengths depending on whether you want them to come up longer or shorter (I went for shorter).  The lengths I used were:
- 24cm
- 28cm
- 31cm
- 35cm
Attach the chains to the holes of the hair comb using a jump ring of the correct size and pliers.
Voila! You have your very own DIY make it yourself head / hair chains :0)
Let me know if you use this tutorial to make your own and how they turn out.
Thanks for reading
Robin Sparkles


  1. Great post, love reading DIY stuff. Would like to see a pic of your wearing! x

    1. Thank you, I am pleased you like it. I shall try to get a photo of me wearing them and add it to the post ASAP. x


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