Tuesday, 2 July 2013

HD Brows Palette – Perfect Brows

HD Eye and Brow Palette HD Brows Foxy Bombshell Vamp
Hi girls

As some of you may be aware from my previous blog post on the wonders of the HD Brow world I am an avid user and feel they really do produce flawless results.

I have now invested in the HD Eye & Brow palette which consists of 4 shadow shades which I would like to review for you today.  It cost me £19.90 from the salon that I get my HD Brows done at. 

This palette comes in 3 different shade groups: Vamp; Bombshell and Foxy.  I was matched up by my HD Brow technician to the palette in the colour “Foxy”.
HD Eye and Brow Palette HD Brows Foxy Bombshell Vamp

You use the top left shade in the HD Brow Palette as a highlighter to highlight your brow bone / line.  I use the black in the top right corner of the HD Brow Palette as a smokey eye liner.  I was then advised that for the colour of my eye brows I should use a dab of each of the two bottom colours mixed together on my brush to line and fill in my brows.

HD Eye and Brow Palette HD Brows Foxy Bombshell Vamp

You get a cute little double ended brush which consists of a blending brush and an angled fine line brush to allow for precision when perfecting your brows.


These shadows do not only have to be used on your eye brows, you can also use them as eye shadows too.  I have been using the palette every day for about 3 months so far and haven’t really made a dent in it.  The initial cost is quite steep for 4 small shadows and I must admit I did put off getting it for a while but I truly am converted!

The only negative I would make is that I think for me the light highlighter shadow is useless and doesn’t show at all.  Other than that it gives my brows great definition in between my treatments and I couldn’t go out without wearing it now! How did I used to survive?!


Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments below.

Robin Sparkles


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