Monday, 5 August 2013

Nail polish manicure post: Mish-mash of texture

barry m textured nail polish kingsland road glitter ombre gradient varnish pink
Hey blogettes
Quick run through of what I used for this manicure.  Sorry it is a bit mish-mashy but I wanted to try out a few things!
Fingers 1 & 4 are using the new Barry M textured polish in colour Kingsland Road.
Finger 2 is Kingsland Road, followed by some pinky red glitter applied on a clear polish, then the Rimmel matte top coat over the top of it all.
Finger 3 is an ombre gradient using a little makeup sponge.
Finger 5 was an ombre gradient the same as finger 3, but I applied clear polish to the top of the nail and some glitter then sealed this in with another shiny clear polish coat over the top.
Not sure why the picture is uploading on the side and can't figure out to change it so for this I apologise!
Until next time :0)
Robin Sparkles


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