Friday, 27 September 2013

Work manicure - do your nails at work!

Hey blogettes

Have you ever done your nails at work when you are super duper quite then swoosh your arms frantically in the air to try and dispel the fumes before your boss walks in your room and notices?! - this is me, TODAY!

I have literally just knocked up this manicure from my very own work station hence the messy edges so please forgive me for that.  As I have the pots of nail polish with me I can tell you exactly what I used! -
  • As usual I started off with a coat of my OPI Nail Envy as a base over all of my nails.
  • Barry M Silver Foil Effects on the little fingers as a base colour.
  • Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish in 500 Disco Ball x 100 million layers to get it as sparkly as possible!
  • Barry M in Peach Melba on the rest of my fingers.
I really love having an accent nail at the moment but equally when I see people who have gone for whole hands the same like Sam at The Nailasaurus has started to do again I equally think they look great to!

What do you prefer? Accent nail or same whole hand?

Without further ado, here is todays office creation. 

office nail manicure nails glitter silver sparkle sparkly peach nude varnish polish

Sorry, hyped it up a bit too much for what it is! Whoopsy.

Have a great weekend guys n gals.

Robin Sparkles
Monday, 9 September 2013

Eylure Dybrow (formally Dylash) product review

eylure dybrow brown eyebrow eyelash dye tint tinting
Hey guys

Today’s post is a review of the Eylure Dybrow (formally Dylash). 

As some of you may know, I am a keen lover of HD Brows but as I previously mentioned, due to strict savings regime this is something I have had to cut out for now at £25.00 a pop! 

So I decided to tint my brows myself and on recommendation of my sister ordered the Eylure Dybrow kit in brown (also available in black) from Amazon UK for just shy of £5.00.  This is a bargain in itself as you can use this kit over and over many times, it is not a one use kit.

I followed the very simple instructions and sure enough it worked! I am not going to post a pic of my brows at the moment as I am currently in the process of growing them out to have them reshaped thicker but I can assure you I could see the difference and it was really simple to apply and use.

I will definitely make this part of my monthly routine and stay on top of them myself.

Great buy, great price, great product!

Robin Sparkles
Friday, 6 September 2013

Romantic nail stamping design

bundle monster 2011 2012 nail stamping plates ombre gradient pink love romance nails


This is a very quick post just to show you a pic of a nail stamping design I created about a week ago and hadn't got round to posting.

All stamps used for this design are from the Bundle Monster 2011 and 2012 sets of nail stamping plates.

Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Robin Sparkles
Thursday, 5 September 2013

DIY Tutorial: How to blonde ombre hair at home

Hi blogsters

Monday night I went a bit awol and decided I wanted a hair change.  I am trying to reign in a lot of luxuries at the moment as we have a lot to spend out on doing up our house so thought I would have a go at DIY ombre hair myself.  I thought, "whats the worst that can happen?! If it goes wrong ill just have the ends cut off!"

So armed with 2 boxes of Jerome Russell Bblonde medium life blonding kit I baracaded myself into our old bathroom and set to work!

WARNING! The smell of this stuff is....well...*singed nostrel hairs*

jerome russell Bblonde medium lift blonding kit ombre hair DIY home how to
If you are going to blonde ombre your hair make sure you use a product with peroxide / bleach otherwise it will just not work effectively.  My hair is a blonde colour anyway, so I left the product on as long as possible so that I would notice extreme light blonde on the ends.
You need to really freestyle it and scrunch it into your hair, you dont want it to look too precise or uniformed or it will not achieve the optimum ombre look.
Mix up your mixture, I used one box for the first round and another box for the second round.
jerome russell Bblonde medium lift blonding kit ombre hair DIY home how to
Round 1
Separate your hair in half and clip the top half up out the way for now. 

jerome russell Bblonde medium lift blonding kit ombre hair DIY home how to
Taking small sections at a time get a clump of hair dye in your hair and start scrunching it in the bottom of your hair.  For round 1, only put the hair dye half way up the desired length of the ombre you eventually want to achieve.  Not sure that makes sense...erm...say you want to dye 20cm of your hair length ombre, on round 1 only cover the bottom 10cm of hair with the hair dye.  If you are like me and have insanely thick hair, this will take pretty much the whole first box of hair dye.

jerome russell Bblonde medium lift blonding kit ombre hair DIY home how to
Let down the top half of your hair and make your way round that also.  If you have feathering at the front of your hair, I liked nipping the ends of the layers with some dye to add definition.
Wait for half an hour.............
Round 2
Mix up the second box of hair dye and work your way back round your small sections adding the dye higher up your hair. (E.g. for the full 20cm rather than the original 10cm). Leave this for a further 20 minutes or so.
Why do you do it like this?  Because......the original layer you put on first has longer developing time and will go lighter than the second round of dye.  This should make the ombre blend and look a lot less aggressive.
Obviously the length of time you leave the dye to develop on your hair is up to you, what worked for me will not work on someone elses hair depending on whether you have light or dark hair etc.
Don't try to make each little section of hair reach the same length when applying the dye.  Mix it up and make it more random...remember the point of ombre is NOT uniformed!

jerome russell Bblonde medium lift blonding kit ombre hair DIY home how to tutorial
Annoyingly this is still very subtle, in fact too subtle for my liking but I guess that is what happens when you try for an ombre look on already blonde hair! Still, I know it is there and that makes me happy!
I hope this tutorial was helpful, if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below.
***I am not a hair dresser or hair person so I am only speaking from my own personal experience***
Have you tried to ombre your hair? How did it go?
Laters blogsters
Robin Sparkles


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