Friday, 15 November 2013

Luxury Dog Beds Article

Hello there!

I thought I would deviate away from my usual DIY projects / nail reviews and post a few blogs which are more informative on a boarder scale.

My main passion in life is animals, and at the forefront of that, Dogs. Myself and my husband have a fur baby and she makes us a family.  She is 4 and half years old now and is a Border Terrier cross Miniature Poodle.  Quite a bizarre mix I know, I don't think the lady we got her from had meant it to happen!

Anywho, I have been on a search for a while now to find her a quirky and fairly unique bed to go downstairs where she sleeps at night.  From day one we made the decision not to let her upstairs on our bed or in our room and it works perfectly for us. 

At the moment she has a pillow type bed which takes up a portion of our corner sofa - much to my hubby's dismay! We would still have her up on the sofa with us in the evening, but when it is time for bed we would like to find her a bed she can get into rather than stay there and us always lose half our sofa.

Soooo...that was a very long winded introduction to basically say this quest started me looking for funky little dog beds.  On this journey through Google I have discovered some beds that are brilliant! I probably wouldn't choose to have some of these myself but can see that they are cute all the same.

Now I shall share them with you:

elevated raised dog bed wood frame bed attachment extension stairs

elevated raised dog bed wood frame bed attachment extension stairs
I adore these little stairs up to the bed and can imagine my girl doing it.  For obvious reasons this wouldn't be the bed for her, as I said she stays downstairs but though I would share all the same.  The first bed has clearly been custom made with their dog in mind which I think is lovely.

Maybe if I was a "crazy dog lady" single and alone I would consider one...

Moving swiftly on:

I found these cute wood crate dog beds which I would absolutely love for her, but unfortunately the place I found that sold them didn't do a big enough size for her.

Wooden crate dog bed name personalised wood

I then gave it a bit more thought and decided I wanted something elevated.  Our downstairs floor is wood and I don't want her to catch a draft so wanted something raised off the floor.  I then found doggy bunk beds!!:

wooden dog bed raised elevated matress frame wood stainless steel bunk

As cuts as this is, I fear I would be going from one extreme to the other and my husband certainly wouldn't think it would fit in our kitchen!!

In conclusion, this is what I have set my sights upon:

wooden dog bed raised elevated matress frame wood

wooden dog bed raised elevated matress frame wood

The website I have found it on is £115.00, which I am really 50/50 about as to whether my husband will agree to it.  So I have 3 options. 1. Buy it off the website. 2. Ask my husband to make it (I am sure he could it's just we are building an extension on our house so not sure he has time!) 3. Ask our close friend who is also very good with wood creations whether he would consider making it for us.

I think I am trying for option 3 first and take it from there.

I plan to paint it a matte white so that it matches the room that it is going in.

Shall post pics if I ever end up with one, wish me luck!

Robin Sparkles

Friday, 1 November 2013

Bundle Monster nail stamping onto Barry M textured polish

Hey girlies

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I have been uber busy with getting another project underway and haven’t been painting my nails or doing my arts and crafties as much as I would like.

Anywho, here we have it, my latest nail design!
barry m textured nail polish stamp stamping bundle monster design lace pattern

I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM-316, the cute lacey looking design on the plate, you will be able to tell the one.

I used my Barry M textured pink polish as my base colour and stamped using my Barry M blue polish I have. 

I have long been a fan of how stamping onto textured polish looks and I am so pleased I have finally had a chance to try it myself.

barry m textured nail polish stamp stamping bundle monster design lace pattern

Let me know what you think.

Robin Sparkles


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