Friday, 3 January 2014

‘Devine Nails’ Company & Product Review – False Stick on Nails custom made

devine nails custom made hand painted stick on false nails
Today I would like to review an up and coming company that I recently discovered on Twitter and Facebook thanks to the genius #hashtag that is #twittersisters which takes place on a Thursday evening between 8:30pm-9:30pm GMT.  Devine Nails make and design custom made stick on nails, you pick the shape, design, colours and let them do the rest.  The company is based in Northern Ireland but can post worldwide.  All the nails are hand painted by Laura at Devine Nails.
I spent AGES trawling their Facebook and Instagram pages seeking out what design I would like most and in the end finally settled on one with a small amendment. 
devine nails custom made hand painted stick on false nails instagram
I simply messaged Laura through her Facebook page and discussed my requirements with her.  She will send you out a nail size guide which basically consists of 10 different sized blank false nails which you tally up to your own size finger nails and let her know what size you need for each of your fingers.  Laura will then get to work straight away with making your custom design!
devine nails custom made hand painted stick on false nails
I think a set of Devine Nails are really great value for money, my set cost me £7.00 including postage.  They get sent in a cute organza bag with a couple of spares in case you lose any and also with a small tube of nail glue.  I must admit I chose not to use the nail glue and instead use some Elegant Touch false nail stickers which I picked up from my local Boots which meant I can just peel them off and reuse the nails without spoiling the underneath of them with glue.
devine nails custom made hand painted stick on false nails
I received really great feedback from friends and colleagues at my work Christmas party about my Devine Nails and was very proud to show them off!  All in all I received a great service from Laura and really cannot thank her enough.  I find it is very rare to find something that is good value for money nowadays but these certainly are.
Make sure you take a look, ‘Like’ her Facebook page, Follower her on Twitter @DevineNails1 and nab yourself a set ASAP!
Robin Sparkles


  1. These are gorgeous. I can't believe how good value they are! Also, those nail stickers sound like a good use. How well did they last? X

    1. They lasted quite well, not a whole week especially with washing your hands and showering, I would say they would last a long weekend around 3 days before you start losing some!
      The nails are great value, got lots of comments on them! x


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