Monday, 17 March 2014

LIFESCOUTS:: Family badge

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Hey guys
Today's Lifescouts post is talking about my family!!  Sorry this wasn't posted on Wednesday as expected, I have had a lot on the last few days.
By some peoples standards I am from a fairly small tight-knit family largely due to the fact that my mum only has one sibling and my dad is an only child.  This has meant that there aren't many auntie's, uncles cousins etc that spread your family out far and wide.
I am fortunate enough that my parents are still happily together so I also do not have any half / step brothers & sisters to add to this equation either.
My close family consists of: 
Sister (older)
Brother (younger)
Nan (my other grandparents have now passed away).
My married family adds to this by way of:
My Husband
His Mum
His Dad
His Nan's x2

I cannot do this post without also mentioning my fur babies! I am sure some people will disagree but for me, my pets are part of my family and I wouldn't want to be without them.  Pets are there to enhance our lives and mine certainly do, so to then consider them as not being part of the family just seems very alien to me.  I have one dog and one cat. 

Fur Babies:

Dog - Ellie - 4.5 years old
Cat- Finley - 1.5 years old
I am very close to all my family and we always try to get together for birthday's and celebrations etc.  In fact, my birthday is coming up next so I shall definitely have to arrange something that will include everyone!
Sometimes I wish my family was bigger and I had cousins a similar age to me to go out with and have fun, but I am also very lucky to have the close family unit that I do.
I hope this has provided a tiny snippet of insight into my life and the network of people I have around me :0)
Are you from a large family or a small family? Would you like to have a large family one day?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.
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