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LIFESCOUTS:: Musical Instruments - Flute Badge and Saxophone Badge

Here is my first Lifescouts story post: Musical Instruments.
This blog post will cover two Lifescout badges I have; flute and saxophone.
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I started learning to play the Flute when I was at primary school in year 4 I believe, so I was approximately 8 or 9 years old.  I used to play in the little orchestra there and school concerts and also used to have a lesson once a week.
This progressed on and I started having private tuition once a week at a music teachers house and when I was at senior school I continued with the school orchestra and concerts there too. 
I did 3 grades on my flute I believe from memory, it wasn't that I couldn't have done more, I just lost the passion and drive to do them.  I must admit practicing became a chore, I didn't enjoy playing it like other people around me did.  If I am completely honest I got to around 15 years old and playing a musical instrument at school was not the "cool" done thing and this really put me off.  Once I left school at 16 I never looked back and didn't play my flute again, it still sits at my parents house in a cupboard somewhere.   

lifescouts life scouts boy scout alex day youtube blog vlog diary real life adventures and experiences badge badges saxophone
Now, having read what I just said you might be somewhat surprised by me now telling you that in year 8 / 9 of school when I was around 12 or 13 years old I decided (because my sister did) I wanted to learn a second instrument! (Yep, classic sibling rivalry, she got one I want one, the whole shebang). My parents always wanted to encourage us musically and bless them they got me the must beautiful saxophone for my birthday.  It wasn't just any old saxophone, it was this gorgeous gun metal grey with gold buttons, ahh just amazingly beautiful, I was over the moon.
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Suffice to say, I never made it to grades with this instrument, I could play it well enough and already being able to play a woodwind based instrument I picked it up very fast and could read the music. 
My family were really musical based, my mum sang in groups, my dad was a wiz on a drum kit, my sister plated clarinet and oboe and my brother also dabbled in drumming. I went along for the ride but tired of it.  I have the attention span of a gnat to be fair and really do need to stick with things once I start them.
Out of the two instruments, I would like to pick up my saxophone one day and start learning it again for fun. I watch videos of Kenny G on YouTube and it just sounds beautiful to me - I am not claiming I was ever that good! I am not sure I could even read music now but people say it is like a bike!  It is still at my parents house and they have promised to not get rid of it.  Maybe I can pass it on to a son / daughter one day if they show a desire to learn it?!
Did you or do you play instruments? If so, what?



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