Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lifescouts - My stories

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Hey guys
Today I wanted to tell you about my latest discovery - Lifescouts.
This has been created by Alex Day who you can find over on YouTube and if you want to understand the premise behind this business then click here to watch the YouTube video where he explains it.
Basically, in a few words, you purchase badges to mark real life events that you have taken part in that you can then tag and tell people about.  All the badges are £1.50 each although you can buy sets of 5 for £6.00.  All badges can be purchased from the Lifescouts website .
I had a look through the website and all the badges that they sell and it got me thinking...man I could own quite a few of those badges, maybe there is stuff here to blog / vlog about, and maybe just maybe my life is actually quite interesting?!
So here it is, I am going to do a series of blogs and YouTube videos marking out which of the 100 Lifescout badges I would own and talking about each one and my experience.
I hope this will be something a bit different and interesting to learn about me and maybe even get you thinking about taking part in something similar yourself.  If you do want to share in this adventure together please let me know and maybe we can set a specific day each week to upload our blog posts and reference back to each other in our posts.
My first Lifescout badge blog post will be uploaded tomorrow (and every Wednesday thereafter until I have done them all) and i'll give you a clue, its music based!
Until next time my lil sparkles.



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