Tuesday, 15 April 2014

GHD V Gold Max Styler hair straighteners

ghd v gold max styler hair straighteners ghds tool curler waves wide barrel plate

ghd v gold max styler hair straighteners ghds tool curler waves wide barrel plate

Hey guys
This post is a bit delayed but basically I got some new GHD hair straighteners for Christmas and never blogged about it!  It might be more useful coming from me now anyway, as I have used them for the last few months.
I still have my old GHD's and they work totally fine, they are the slimmer ones.  However, those of you who have seen pics of my hair, or probably more appropriately my mane, will guess that it took quite a while to get through my tresses with thinner straighteners.  So I finally asked for the wider GHD's for Christmas and Santa (my husband) granted my wish!
Verdict?? If I am totally honest I don't really notice a difference.  I can take slightly bigger chunks of hair at a time which would make the overall time to do my hair quicker, HOWEVER, I find I cannot get as close to the roots of my hair with these so I either have to take small chunks (the same as I would have taken anyway) to get closer to the root, or I have to use both pairs of straighteners thus rendering getting a new pair a bit pointless.
Don't get me wrong, if I'm just quickly straightening my hair these make the task way way quicker, but I am somewhat of a perfectionist and when I know I have a little wavy bit at the top of my crown it drives me mad (my husband pointed this out to me on Saturday once we were out and I had only used my larger tongs!). 
I'm sure over time I will get used to them and find ways to manoeuvre to get to the roots easier.  I am still pleased I got them as they do get through the main body of my hair very fast and they come with a barrel cover so that you can pack them whilst they are still hot!
Do you have GHD straighteners? If so, what ones?

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  1. Would love to see how these work for curling! x


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