Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Superdrug Pamper Face Masks - Montagne Jeunesse dupe!

superdrug peel off face mask pack mud mask montagne jeunesse dupe for hydration and cleansing

Hey guys
The other day I was shopping looking for the Montagne Jeunesse face masks and wasn't sure if they did them in Superdrug.  I am going on holiday soon and wanted to pamper my face beforehand as last year my face ended up peeling where it had been a little dry and then I was overly moisturising it on holiday and I lost my tan on my face!
Anywho, when in Superdrug I noticed these little beauties.  Well, there were about 8 different ones in total.  They were £0.99 each and were on a 3 for 2 offer!  I decided then and there that I would give these a go instead. 
Annoyingly, whilst writing this I have seen the Montagne Jeunesse ones I was looking for are for sale in Boots for only £0.67, breathe!  Not really a dupe when it is more expensive, I suppose I should change the title of this post!
Anywho, so far I have only used the Fruit Sorbet peel off mask and must say that it has made my skin softer and clearer.  I do suffer with dry skin on my face and it looks a lot fresher today.
I am going to try the other two over the course of the next few days and shall report back if I am happy or not happy but I have a feeling judging by the first one that they will work just fine.
What face masks do you use and would recommend?  Have you ever used Superdrug or Montagne Jeunesse?


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