Thursday, 31 July 2014

Crochet Rose Flowers Pattern

crochet rose flower pattern how to make

Hey guys 

I just wanted to show you one of the patterns I have been using to make some flowers for The Craft Club Little Havens Hospice yarnbomb that I told you about in a previous post this month.
It is super duper easy so why not give it a go and send your creations towards the yarnbomb world record attempt.

This is the first time I have written a pattern so I hope it makes sense! 

You will need :
4mm crochet hook
Yarn needle

Start with a slip knot on your hook.
Chain 63
Dc in 4th Ch from hook and ever chain for the rest of the total (60 Dc)
In 3rd stitch work 6 Dc in same stitch
Skip a stitch, 1 sc in next stitch.
*Skip a stitch, 6 Dc in next stitch, skip a stitch, 1 sc in next stitch * repeat this until the end of the row. (this should make a scalloped effect)
Chain 1 and pull through end making a knot, cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing.

Roll up your work to make the rose and sew through the bottom several times to hold it together.

Any questions please ask in the comments below.


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