Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Craft Club Havens Hospice World Record Yarnbomb Attempt

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Anyone who is reading this that knows how to crochet no matter what your skill level, The Craft Club needs your help!

They are attempting to break the world record for the biggest yarnbomb made up of individual pieces, they need around 4,500 items! At the moment they are on about 1,500 so have a long way to go before 23rd August 2014.  If everyone even made one item, even if just a simple flower, it really could help them to smash the world record AND help the poorly terminally ill children that Little Havens look after so caringly, beam from enjoyment and happiness - I for one think that sounds worth an hour of your time.

 Be sure to spread the word about what they are doing, they need as much help as possible. If you know anyone else who can crochet, tell them too! Share the Facebook page, tweet them on twitter, find them on Instagram, they are everywhere!  

They have received donated crochet items from all over the world, America, Japan, (they havent yet reached Australia but there is still time!).  I know if all my fellow crocheters club together we can create something wonderful and thinking of how happy the children are going to be seeing the mystical woodland makes it 100% worth it.

Thanks for reading guys, as you can probably tell I am very passionate about this cause!

Robin Sparkles


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