Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dog Life Jacket - Be Prepared!

dog life jacket swim swimming safety

Some people will probably think I'm bonkers, others will completely understand. 

We are off on a little holiday soon to France and are taking our precious pooch with us.
Much to my dismay, our girl has never swum nor ventured unto water above her knees.
I believe it will still be very warm when we go and I would like to hopefully take her on a boat trip and hopefully go swimming with her. 

I know dogs are meant to take to it straight away but I would never forgive myself if I witnessed her struggling or panicking, so to avoid these issues I have got her a life jacket! 

Does your dog use a life jacket? What are your experiences with them?


  1. I know my sister in law has a life jacket for her dog and I can completely understand why you want to use one too. It's better to be safe than sorry, right ;)

    1. Exactly! I am totally a play it safe girl when it comes to my loved ones and fur babies!

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