Thursday, 20 November 2014

Big Comfy Sneaker Slippers from USA

Sacramento Kings Pittsburgh Steelers american football NFL national football league giant big sneaker slippers

Hey guys

Today I wanted to tell you about a recent purchase I made of these awesome giant sneaker slippers all the way from USA.  

I purchased them from  and altogether for both pairs including postage they only cost be around £45.00.  I don't think that is too bad all things consider, plus did I already mention that they are AWESOME.  So so comfy and bouncy too.  Don't you just love that new slipper feeling?!

I got myself the Sacramento Kings (purely and simply because they were purple) and I got the hubby Pittsburgh Steelers as he used to support them when he used to stay up late and watch American football with his dad when he was younger (bless!). 

Did you used to have giant sneaker slippers when you were a kid?

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