Monday, 24 November 2014

Guitar Heaven - Learning to play acoustic guitar

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Hey guys

Last week I ventured somewhere new, a local music shop.

I am a huge fan of the television programme Nashville and do have a musical background.  I used to play flute and saxophone when I was at school and my siblings and parents also played instrument, "music is in my blood" haha.

Anywho, as I said I love the programme Nashville and there has been an urge festering inside me to learn to play acoustic guitar.

I knew of this local shop so thought what the hell, lets go down and check it out. I just wanted to go down there and check out what was available, ask some advice on what I might need, thinking I would put it on my Christmas list.

When I walked into the room with all the acoustic guitars I was in heaven, they are so so beautiful and I love all the different stains on the wood.  A really helpful acoustic guitar specialist / sales guy had a chat with me.  He showed me a few different guitars in different price brackets and also showed me a couple of 3/4 size guitars which were a better size and weight for me considering I am only 5ft2" tall!  

Anywho, he was blooming good as I left my window shopping session having put down a deposit on a Baby Taylor in mahogany. I told my husband who, as expected, wasn't best pleased I had done this, especially right before Christmas.  He felt I should start with a beginners guitar as opposed to going all out on "the guitar" and possibly finding that I do not like it and do not wish to carry on with it.

As it stands, the deposit is still on the guitar and I haven't made a decision.  What should I do?! Do any of my readers play Taylor guitars? Opinions on different acoustic guitars out there? I would love to hear from anyone with advice in the comments below.

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