Monday, 6 July 2015

Hello - I am back!

Well it has been quite a few months since I last got a chance to write my little blog, it has been on my mind often, but finding the time has been somewhat difficult!

Nevertheless I am going to start getting back on the blogging bandwagon and thought I would provide you with a little update.

Things have been crazy hectic for me lately.  First off, I made a crochet tutorial video on YouTube which was received warmly and has sent my YouTube subscribers through the roof to over 2,000! So I am working on a new crochet tutorial video for you ASAP, I dont want to let you all down.

More importantly, I found out earlier on in the year that myself and my husband have been blessed with a wee bubba due towards the end of November 2015 so that has had me in a whirlwind of sickness, tiredness and first time mummy conundrums! Still, I have lived through it so far and I am sure I will survive :0)  We have our second scan tomorrow which is very exciting!

All in all I have lots to share with you over the next couple of weeks, lots of catch up photos on various different crafts and crochet items I have made for the bubba, little snippets of decor in our newly painted nursey, and much much more so I hope you are with me along the way.  

I am also probably going to be posting some mummy type questions so if any of you can help that would be much appreciated as I havent got a clue what I am doing!

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