About Me

Hi there my little sparkles
I go by the alias Robin Sparkles as I LOVE the programme 'How I met your mother' and I also like to retain my anonymity. I know a lot of people are cool with putting themselves out there on the internet and I am totally for that, it is just not for me.
I love to blog about lots of different things and find it very difficult to pinpoint what type of posts you will find here.  I like to blog about day to day adventures, my pets, beauty/makeup products, nail art I create, DIY clothes projects, crafts such as crochet and lots lots more.
If any of these things interest you then please join me and follow my blog, I would appreciate it hugely!  One of my goals for 2013 is to reach 100 blog followers, can you help me do it?!
I have lots of exciting plans for 2014 which I cannot wait to share with you, although I am keeping schtum for now (very difficult for me!).
I can be contacted on any of the links above, be sure to join me on all of them and lets be blog friends :0)



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